Blessings & Lessons - Sean Lee '17


Being at Loyola has provided me with many blessings and lessons that I will carry to college and many years beyond.

The Community Service program has opened my eyes to things I never would have experienced at any other school and also brings a warmth to my heart every time I volunteer. My involvement with the office has taught me to become selfless, appreciative, and understanding to what happens to millions of other people.  It has allowed me time to reflect on how blessed I really am to be attending such an amazing institution and living an amazing life. Loyola has taught me to genuinely love and appreciate the people around me, whether it be family or friends through the teachings of Ignatius and real Catholic values.   

The school has also taught me to become a great student athlete, as I learned to love both my sport and the education I received here at Loyola. As a fourth year varsity athlete, I had to learn extremely fast how to juggle the rigorous educational standards that the school implies, while also trying to keep up the athletic standards both the coaches and I hold. The time management skills I have acquired from spending time here at Loyola will also be an exceptional tool I will use for the future.

Perhaps the most important trait I learned here at the school is appreciation for everything in your life and not taking things for granted. Through the community service and theology classes, I learned how incredibly blessed both myself and the other students at Loyola really are and I have learned to appreciate everything in life. Also, the teachers at this school truly want and push for student success, and as a young freshman I did not learn to appreciate this until recently. The teachers always emphasize the importance of hard work and giving everything you have to your commitments. Before coming to Loyola I took my family, life, and God all for granted and spending my time at Loyola taught me to appreciate everything in life and to seize every opportunity and to make great use of it.