Looking Ahead - Ryan Wallace '17

Last week, the Loyola Student Council led a fundraiser to assist Christo Rey High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Due to their campus being flooded, Christo Rey cannot hold classes. We collaborated with Loyola's Broadcasting Club to create a challenge video to raise relief money for our Jesuit brothers. We're happy to report that we met our goal of $2,400 and have passed on the challenge to St. Ignatius High School in San Fransisco and St. Joseph's Preparatory School in Philadelphia. 

Today, we held our annual Activities Fair. It was incredible to see all the clubs presenting to students for over an hour. Every Loyola Cub has the opportunity to join a club, possibly have a leadership role in a club, or even start a club. The Broadcast Club that Student Council worked with on the challenge video was started by classmates of mine during my freshman year and has since grown to be a major club on campus and the growth and evolution of this group has been pretty amazing to watch.

The September we had couldn't have started our year off any better. The first football games, the first rally, and the excitement of our return to campus has generated momentum for what's going to be an incredible year.