My Baja Build Experience - Noah Morales '17

Loyola has presented me with so many opportunities throughout the past 3 years but one thing that I will always thank Loyola for is the opportunity to make a difference in the world.  Loyola is the kind of place that will empower you to make a difference and to totally change someone’s life for the better. One example of this is the Baja Build, which is a service opportunity that takes place over Christmas break wherein thirty Loyola Cubs and dads go down to Mexico for  2 days to build someone a new home.  We show up with nothing but a slab of cement and all the raw materials to work with and it’s truly amazing to witness and be a part of this amazing project.  During our time, we also get to meet the family whose house we’re building and we get to interact with the people living in the area.  The whole time I was there I couldn't help but realize how fortunate I am and how blessed I am to have the life that I have. 

One moment that I will remember forever was the last time I went on this trip.  Once the house is done and we’re getting ready to leave, Loyola's President Father Goethels, SJ blesses the house and we present the family with the set of keys to their new home.  The family had a son who was about four years old and when we gave the family their new keys he ran and unlocked the door and started running around pointing to different spots in the house saying, “this is where I’ll keep my toys!  This is where I’ll sleep!  This is where we’ll eat as a family!”  Seeing that really impacted me and made me realize what I had just done -- I had completely changed this boy’s life and his family’s lives.  I never would have had the opportunity to do this if I hadn’t come to Loyola.  Loyola is the kind of place that will allow you to change lives. 

Here at Loyola I’m put in a position where I can go out and leave a positive mark on the world.