College Update - Pablo Muñoz '16

Loyola is what you make of it. The competition can be intense, but most students rise to the challenge. I don’t mean to say it is impossible to succeed or to have fun, but much is expected from everyone on campus. Most students who attend the school realize the challenge they face within the first two weeks. I didn’t learn until almost a month into my freshman year that I would have to shift my ways of thinking to succeed. From freshman to senior year, I changed, as all Loyola students do, and I became a better person as a result of my surroundings. 

Spending almost four years at one school may seem like half an eternity leading up to day one, but over the course of my four years, I found myself on an upward trajectory that caused each year to pass with increasing speed. It is hard not to become involved in multiple groups at Loyola, and even harder not to succumb to what I would call a slippery slope of contributions to the school community. Entering freshman year, I thought I had an idea about the activities with which I wanted to involve myself. Few of the things I joined as a freshman remained on my résumé by the time I became a senior, and by that point I was more involved in the school than ever before. 

I remember the weekends where Loyola was heavily present in my schedule.  Those ones where I had several school events to choose from, college applications to complete and submit, a college interview to prepare for, and newspaper copy to read over and edit in preparation for the upcoming issue during my time as Editor-in-Chief.  I enjoyed interacting on various levels with members of the Loyola community during my days as a student and look forward to my next chapter that I'm beginning as a UCLA freshman.