College Update - Joon Sung '16

Many people might think that senior year is the easiest of the four years in high school, and I am here to let you know that this isn’t true.  Last year, I took 4 AP classes: AP Calculus BC, AP Physics C, AP Computer Science, and AP Art History.  Most of my classes were Math based and involved logic work, so homework would take a few minutes or a few hours. I enjoyed all of my classes during my senior year and was so motivated to put my full effort into everything.  Computer Science was like learning a new language with all the java syntax and learning to use logic. Physics was difficult because I had to understand the physical concepts, but also fun as my class got to shoot crossbow arrows and play with frictionless carts to get a better grasp of the conceptual framework.  One of the nice things about Senior year was having a Magis period, which is essentially a free period, which let me  finish work at school so I had less to do at home. 

School days generally moved quickly. I used to hang out with my friends inside the Student Center that had a flat screen TV, and we usually watched soccer games at lunch.  One of the highlights of last year was  the Senior Service Project. I worked at St. Thomas, a school across the street from Loyola. During the month of January, seniors go out to their respective service sites and work at least 76 hours. The amount of hours might seem daunting, but most seniors do not have any classes that month, meaning they can focus purely on the community service.  Now, I'm a freshman at Brown University.  Thanks Loyola!